Today, the Uncovered Conference features the Lost in Europe documentary ‘Children as Commodities: The Human Trafficking Mafia’. Are you joining us for the screening?

The documentary tells the story of how it’s possible that Vietnamese children and young people have been disappearing in Germany for years. And it shows the networks of human traffickers that are behind it. The documentary was made by investigative journalists Jan Wiese and Adrian Bartocha. After the screening there is a Q&A where you have the opportunity to submit your questions to Jan Wiese, Adrian Bartocha and Sanne Terlingen

Sign up using this link https://ecpmf.us12.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=19a477fc4886d51a09341ccbe&id=56372ff779 and be there at 15:45 CEST!

Sanne Terlingen
Sanne Terlingen
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